Family Case LawyerAdvocate Rashmi Patil

Leveraging the extensive experience and immense knowledge, Adv. Rashmi S. Patil is fully competent at handling cases pertaining to Family Law. Adv. Rashmi Patil is one of the best Family case lawyer in Borivali. We are well versed with all the provisions and sections of this field and can advise our clients with excellent solutions during crisis & emergency situations. She also ensures to constantly upgrade herself with the latest advancements and developments across all segments of Family Law. Based on empirical research, Adv. Rashmi Patil studies and prepares the required documents for filing of lawsuits, counterclaims, appeals, and response to lawsuits.

Adv. Rashmi Patil is an expert in all the family cases like Divorce cases such as Mutual Consent Divorce, contesting the divorce, Domestic violence, child custody, and many more. She is a well -known Family case lawyer in Borivali.